Lathkill Dale - 19th September 2009
Date 19th September 2009 Description Lathkill Dale
Start Point Monyash Peaks Climbed  
Total Time 4hrs 40min    
Walking Time 4hrs 10min    
Stopped Time 0hrs 30min    
Distance 12.50 miles    
Moving Average 3.0 mph Start Grid Ref SK 14989 66569 
Elevation at Start 264 metres Temperature 18 - 22°C
Total Ascent 450 metres Weather Sunny Intervals
Max Elevation 320 metres Walking With Janet

Monyash - Limestone Way - Fern Dale - One Ash Grange Farm - Limestone Way - Cales Dale - Calling Low - Limestone Way - Moor Lane Car Park - Limestone Way - Bradford Dale - Alport - Conksbury Bridge - Lathkill Dale - Lathkill Dale Nature Reserve - Ricklow Quarry - Bagshaw Dale - Monyash

Lathkill Dale
By Neil Haslewood
19th September 2009

A delightful walk from the village of Monyash. This is the start of the annual White Peak Walk in July. Janet and I followed the Limestone Way for much of the way passing through One Ash Grange Farm, Cales Dale (very steep), Calling Low, and Bradford Dale. From Youlgrave we continued through Bradford Dale to Alport and then we picked up the path to Conksbury Bridge and followed the path through the entire length of Lathkill Dale back to Monyash. The last short section near Monyash went via Bagshaw Dale. It was a great walk on a lovely sunny day.

Neil Haslewood
Peak and Fell Walking

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OL24 Explorer - The Peak District (White Peak Area)
Bulls Head - Monyash
The Village Cross - Monyash
The Village Cross - Monyash
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It's a bit early for Santa isn't it??
Santa was just watching everyone over the stile
Near Fern Dale
Fern Dale
Is this the Steeplechase for the cattle??
Buildings at One Ash Grange Farm
A "rare old bird"!!
Limestone Cliffs in Cales Dale
Signs to almost everwhere - it seems!!
Climbing out of Cales Dale - and a group walking down into the "depths"
A well worn Information Board for Lathkill Dale
A lovely location for a picnic
Negotiating the limestone wall stiles
More old signs - this time Low Moor Wood
Zooming in to a Paraglider
River Bradford
Bradford Dams
River Bradford
A strange coloured reflection in the River Bradford
Fish in the clear waters of the River Bradford - not sure what though??
Plant Life in the River Bradford
Weir - River Bradford
A young duck on River Bradford
Nearing Youlgrave
Bradford Dale
Bradford Dale
River Bradford
Bradford Coach Road - No cars either!!
Dense vegetation on River Bradford
Bridge over River Bradford
Heading for Lathkill Dale
Lovely path across the fields to Lathkill Dale
Is that you?? (or Binocular Stance)
Heading to Lathkill Dale
Boat house on River Lathkill (out of view)
House with a view
The path continues to Lathkill Dale
Conksbury Bridge
River Lathkill from Conksbury Bridge
Swans on River Lathkill
River Lathkill from Conksbury Bridge
River Lathkill
River Lathkill
Coots on River Lathkill
Weir on River Lathkill
Old Bridge over River Lathkill
A very "Green" river!!
Oh no!! How much??
Oh no!! Bad luck - missed out again!!
A cave in Lathkill Dale
Remains of bulidings from a bygone age - Lathkill Dale
Cow Gate Weir repairs - River Lathkill
Waterfall in Lathkill Dale
A scree path in Lathkill Dale
Bridge over Lathkill Dale (ancient in part)
Ricklow Quarry in Upper Lathkill Dale - now disused
Upper Lathkill Dale
Upper Lathkill Dale
Almost back in Monyash - Bagshaw Dale

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