Dow Crag - 13th February 2010

The weather forecast for the day was a good one after some early cloud and a light snow shower. Richard Ratcliffe and I set of from roadside parking near Scarr Head Torver (OS Grid Reference SD 2848 9451). It was Richards birthday today so we were hopefully in for a treat. The main objective for me today was to "bag" two more Wainwright Fells that were still on my "to-do" list. These were Great Carrs and Grey Friar. This was a long walk of over 14 miles so I have included more photos than usual to show the full extent of our days walk. (Please be patient as you scroll down).

The walk statistics and map are at the bottom of the webpage
We cross Torver Beck as we near a disused quarry.
We ascend through the disused quarry.
The Big Pool at the disused quarry.
The waterfall at the end of the Big Pool. The water was a strange colour.
Cove Bridge on the Walna Scar Road.
The shelter on the Walna Scar Road ... as Wainwright describes "just big enough for one person or a honeymoon couple".
As we climb higher to Walna Scar we get our first view of Harter Fell.
The summit of Walna Scar "An Outlying Fell" just a minutes walk from the hause below.
The view out to sea (during a short snow shower)
Brown Pike Summit Cairn and Shelter.
The ridge leading away from Brown Pike (our first snow to contend with).
After descending Brown Pike the ground levels out for a short while.
Blind Tarn from the ridge route to Buck Pike (the tarn was completly frozen).
Richard walks on ahead for Buck Pike.
We arrive at Buck Pike summit. The last snowy clouds of the day are passing overhead. Notice the walker with SHORTS!
Goats Tarn far below as seen from Buck Pike.
One of the many gullies between Buck Pike and Dow Crag.
Richard with Dow Crag beyond.
Scrambling at the summit of Dow Crag.
Dow Crag Summit.
Brim Fell from Dow Crag. It was quite icy on the rocks of Dow Crag summit.
Goat's Hause from the descent of Dow Crag. Brim Fell right of centre.
Looking back into the sun and the summit of Dow Crag. Is that a dog at the top?
Goat's Hause.
Richard descending to Goat's Hause and trying to find the least icy path.
Approaching a VERY icy Brim Fell.
Coniston Old Man from Brim Fell.
That's me at the summit of Brim Fell.
The very large cairn of Brim Fell. The Scafells are in the distance.
An icy looking Brim Fell and Coniston Old Man in the distance.
Richard and I found it slow going across the top of Brim Fell. We decided to push on without crampons for a little while longer.
More icy scenes on Brim Fell. The sun shows up the more trecherous areas.
Levers Water from near Brim Fell.
Great How (not a Wainwright but a Birkett) from Levers Hawse.
Brim Fell and Coniston Old Man from Levers Hawse.
Richard striding towards summit of Great How.
Levers Water and Coniston Water beyond.
Wetherlam from Great How.
Swirl How from Great How Summit. It was an excellent day for being on the fells.
Approaching Swirl How summit cairn with many walkers around.
Swirl How summit cairn.
Scafells from Swirl How summit.
Greenburn valley from Swirl How.
A walker looks on at the remains of an aircraft wreckage near the summit of Great Carrs.
Great Carrs Summit. This was my first new Wainwright of the day.
Another view of Great Carrs summit cairn.
Richard takes photos from the summit of Great Carrs.
Birthday cake and ONE candle. Not a lot of room for many more!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Richard. It was nice to have a bite to eat and celebrate the occasion. No singing here today though!!
Richards admires his cake at Great Carrs. Did someone blow the candle out ... no ... we forgot to bring two sticks!!
My next new Wainwright summit of the day ... Grey Friar. The Scafels partly seen behind.
Grey Friar summit landscape.
A peek through the summit rocks of Grey Friar to the Scafells.
Grey Friar summit cairn - the north west one!!
Grey Friar summit cairn - the north west one again - this time with the Scafells as a backdrop.
Richard consulting the Wainwight guide to make sure which is the true summit of Grey Friar.
Here is the true summit of Grey Friar (the south eastern one) with the north west cairn behind in the distance.
Grey Friar summit scene.
Walking back to Brim Fell.
A very moody and icy return along the Brim Fell top. We had put on our crampons near Great How for the return journey up and over Brim Fell. We made progress at a much faster speed.
Moody Brim Fell with Dow Crag behind.
An eerie light casts over Dow Crag.
Goat's Water.
A few sunset photos on our return back to Torver.
It was an excellent day for walking and very much enjoyed. We returned back to the car at dusk.

Starting from - nr Scarr Head - Torver (OS Grid Reference SD 2848 9451)

Route via - Torver - Walna Scar Road - Walna Scar - Brown Pike - Buck Pike - Dow Crag - Goat's Hause - Brim Fell - Great How - Swirl How - Great Carrs - Grey Friar - Brim Fell - Goat's Hause - Goat's Water - Walna Scar Road - Torver
Distance and Time - 14.1 miles taking 8 hours and 15 minutes
Elevation - Start 109 metres - Max 802 metres
Ascent - 1,450 metres
Walking With - Richard Ratcliffe
Weather - Overcast then mainly sunny
Maps Used - OL4 Explorer - The English Lakes (North Western Area)
Peaks Climbed - Walna Scar 621m - Brown Pike 682m - Buck Pike 744m - Dow Crag 778m - Brim Fell 796m - Great How 770m - Swirl How 802m - Great Carrs 780m - Grey Friar 770m - Brim Fell 796m
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