Winter Hiking Tips

When someone mentions hiking, we all think of those captivating sun-lit landscapes with vivid colours before our eyes. However, there are many times when the weather is challenging. While many would think that staying home is the only option, hikers with a true passion for their hobby would beg to differ. Winter hiking is a popular option that true adventurers enjoy taking. 

It’s necessary to follow a couple of rules, though, so you can truly enjoy the experience.

Follow Weather Forecast

It might sound like obvious advice, but it’s not.

The winter weather can be very unforeseeable. You’ll likely check the weather day before your adventure begins, but do so a couple of times right before you head out. A good idea is to check multiple sources and compare what they say. You can make a better decision on what needs to be added to your backpack.

If you want to make sure you’re 100% ready, research the current path conditions on forums. You’ll know how much ice there is and whether the trail is safe.

Wear Backup Clothes

Even though you’re walking in freezing temperatures, you’ll sweat like crazy. Once you change, the wet clothes will quickly freeze and become unwearable. Pack enough clothing so you can rest assured that you can change several times on the trail.

To prevent sweating too much, move slowly to keep your heart rate steady. Take extra time when climbing hills. Usually, people get sweaty during a steep ascent. Pace yourself and move steadily.

Don’t forget to cover every inch of your skin to keep it safe from the cold. Prolonged exposure to cold and harsh air can lead to injuries. That applies to your nose, ears, and mouth!

Dress in Layers, but Strategically

You need to wear clothes in layers. It will keep you warm in the cold weather. Yet, it’s necessary to approach dressing clothing strategically.

Wearing too many layers will keep you too warm and will lead to sweating. On the other hand, you’ll quickly get cold with only a few layers. 

The goal is to dress more lightly while you’re on the move. Your body can keep breathing while your heart rate goes up but won’t sweat. Once you stop, though, getting more layers on your body is a must. You can stay warm despite being in one place.

Keep Your Food and Water Thawed

The cold weather is challenging in one more aspect. The food and water can quickly freeze, leaving you with no way to quench your thirst while resting. Luckily, you can take steps to prevent that from happening. The most important rule is to keep everything in your backpack but closer to your body. That way, the food will remain thawed as well as water. 

Furthermore, when preparing your supplies, take them hot from your home. Prepare hot water, turn the bottle upside down, as the top part gets frozen first. You’ll be able to drink the water even if it’s freezing. Just make sure that every container has a tight seal.

5 Apps You Need in a Foreign Country

While some of us experience joy while playing games, reading books or even reading about betfair promo details, millions of people pack their cases in search of the thrill of visiting another country. It’s a fun activity that makes people happy. They get to explore different cultures, learn new traditions and create memorable moments that’ll always stay with them.

The only challenge with travelling to a foreign country is the language barrier. Even though you can find people who understand the language you speak perfectly, it’s a rare commodity. It is, however, possible to rely on technology and bridge the majority of those gaps. Here are a couple of useful apps that’ll make your travelling experience even better.

Google Maps

As you might have already guessed, Google Maps is your best pick for a map app. It is rich with data about the local landmarks, but more importantly, it’s consistently getting updates about street changes. That’s extremely important, as you can rest assured that the map you’re following is 99.99% correct.

The feature you’ll appreciate the most is the ability to select a part of the map you’d like to download to your phone. Then, you won’t need any internet as all the data will already be on your phone. Simply pick an area you would like to download the map for and get it ready before beginning your journey.

Goole Translate

Google Maps will help you navigate more quickly, but there’s more. Google Translate will help you easily communicate with the locals. All you have to do is enter what you want to say, and the app will translate it and pronounce it in the other language. If the pronunciation is not available, the locals can still read what you’re saying.

You can ask for directions, order food or even start a conversation knowing that they’ll understand you. Make sure to download the translations for the language of your choice so that you can use the app offline.


Use Flyright to get the essential details about your destination before you get on the plane. For example, suppose you’re planning to travel to Beijing. In that case, all you have to enter is the city name, and the app will immediately display visa requirements, any vaccinations requirements, and the currency exchange rates. You can download the results so you can access all the data offline. It’s a helpful app that helps you prepare better for the next visit to the country of your dreams.


Coincalc will prevent you from overpaying for goods and services in a foreign country. It converts your funds to another currency. That way, you always know that you’re paying the right price for something. Coincalc is an excellent choice, as it supports a vast number of currencies. There’s also the support for cryptocurrencies, but it’s only available for premium users.


Are you looking for the quickest and cheapest way to get to a destination? Rome2rio will help you pick the best option. It’s a handy app that’ll help you choose the best route for your next trip. It offers buses, trains, ferries and any other means of transportation available.