5 Reasons You Should Get a Fitbit

Fitbits are health and fitness trackers that you wear while performing daily activities. Connecting a Fitbit to your smartphone is done via Bluetooth while connecting to your computer is done via USB. Users usually wear Fitbit all day long – some of them even when showering. If you are serious about your fitness in 2022, you should definitely invest in a FitBit. The following highlights top reasons why it might be a good idea to get one! Take a look!

Accountability with FitBit

Setting up your fitness goals is part of getting a FitBit. The goals can be changed at any time. With the Fitbit, you’ll be notified when you’re reaching certain goals for the day. Behavioural psychology plays a role in this. When people leave things incomplete, they feel bad about it. This is why progress bars are popular. We enjoy checking off items on lists. Fitbit displays graphs and progress bars in bright colours, and as you approach a goal, the colour of the progress bar will change, until it reaches bright green.

Support Your Friends

In the app, there are a lot of features, but the friends function feels very rewarding to most users. You can cheer on your friends or taunt them through the mobile app. The thrill of cheering others is equal to that of checking your phone to see if you’ve been cheered on. Even though you may think that’s ridiculous, it’s an important part of keeping up motivation.

It Will Get You Going

Whenever you have a goal, you tend to take extra steps to make sure you reach it. Most users reported that it inspired them to complete chores differently, and take extra steps while doing them. Some of them even started taking a daily mile walk since they got the device. You can track your activities whether you are walking, running, exercising or hiking. Once you start, make sure to log in, so the app can calculate your calorie burn. Exercise days are marked by a blue checkmark on the calendar in the exercise view. 

It Promotes Healthy Eating Habits

Counting calories is not for everyone. It can be tedious, especially for those who don’t like to measure their ingredients. Rather than counting calories, people use the Fitbit as a food journal, so while some don’t use it to count calories, they use it as a measuring device. It is important to keep a log of what you eat and what time of day you eat it. Everything prepackaged or purchased at a mainstream restaurant is picked from the extensive list. This will help you to lose weight and eat healthier. For most people, it’s difficult to remember exactly what they eat without writing it down.

Encourages You to Drink More Water

Health experts cannot emphasize enough how important it is to drink enough water every day. Drinking enough water has always been a struggle for many people, even though they know they should. It is more challenging to avoid drinking water with the Fitbit because it has a waterlog. It is fun to watch the progress bar fill up. You have to monitor your water intake if you are serious about drinking more water. When you are aware of how much water you are consuming, you can increase it quickly.

Nutrition Facts: Are Carbs Really All That Bad for You?

Nutritional science is highly debated when it comes to carb intake. Just as fat was once blamed for causing weight gain, heart disease, and various other ills, carbs are now accused of causing the same. In truth, junk food tends to be very high in carbs, especially refined carbs, which is why a low-carb diet can be very beneficial, particularly for people with weight loss problems, diabetes, and other conditions. It should be noted that not all carb sources are the same. Below are some reasons why you should not fear carbs in general.

Carbohydrates Provide Energy 

There is a correlation between the ratio of beneficial to harmful gut bacteria and your risk for a wide range of physical and psychological illnesses. The beneficial bacteria in your gut need carbs for energy to grow. They feed mainly on soluble fibre, it turns out. Soluble fibre is found in legumes and oats, which both contain a high level of carbohydrates.

Carbs Do Not Make You Fat

Scientists once believed carbs were more likely to increase obesity risk than fat and protein. The primary cause of obesity, according to this hypothesis, is carbs. Carbs raise insulin levels, which in turn promote fat storage. Fat, carbohydrates, and protein – all nutrients that provide calories – are an effective recipes for weight gain and obesity. High-carb diets do not appear to be particularly fattening, however. A large number of studies indicate that high carb intake is not significantly related to obesity.

It’s more important what type of carbs you consume than how many carbs you consume.

Our Ancestors Preferred Carbs

It was learning to cook meat that led to early humans gaining more protein, fat, and calories. However, new research suggests that carb-rich foods like root vegetables, legumes, and even grains were also consumed by human ancestors. Hunter-gatherers would have preferred cooked carbs because they were not only more nutritious but also more appealing. Biological evidence suggests that the amylase gene was acquired by early humans as part of the process of digesting starchy carbohydrates. Interestingly, this change in DNA happened long before humans started farming. Because humans evolved into more efficient starch digesters, they can have up to 18 amylase genes copies. Additionally, the cells in your body run on glucose, which is a sugar that comes from carbohydrates. Despite its fat-adaptation, the brain needs at least 20% of its energy from carbs.

Carbohydrates Don’t Damage the Brain

It is claimed that carbs can cause brain inflammation. This claim, however, has no scientific foundation. Whole grains contain high levels of magnesium and fibre, both of which are linked with lower levels of inflammation. Whole grains, which are abundant in the Mediterranean diet, appear to slow age-related mental decline and reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Added sugars and refined carbs, however, should be avoided. The poor quality of these ingredients contributes to poor quality of life, negatively affecting your health.

Gluten Intolerance Is Not That Common

Proteins found in wheat, barley, and rye are called glutens. When you cut out carbs from your diet, you also eliminate gluten. Those who suffer from celiac disease or other autoimmune diseases may need a gluten-free diet. In addition to celiac disease sufferers, gluten-free diets may also be beneficial for those with non-celiac gluten sensitivity or wheat intolerance. Studies, however, indicate that only a very small number of people report having gluten sensitivity at all. 

Online Gyms: Are They Here To Stay?

For years, people have sought different ways to stay active and add some physical activity to their daily schedule. And for decades one of the easiest and most popular ways to do that was by going to the gym. Nowadays, almost every city had dozens of gyms, that target different types of people. Some gyms will offer workouts that can help you build muscle, others will help you lose weight. And there are those that can do both. However, with the new age of the Internet, gym-goers were given another option that made working out way more accessible. Of course, we are talking about online gyms. 

Unlike regular gyms, the new online version turned out to be very time-saving and accessible for millions of people around the world, especially during the time when so many of us were home-bound. However, this has raised the question, if online gyms are just a current trend or are they here to stay? 

They Are Time-Saving

One of the reasons that we can think that online gyms will continue existing for years to come, is because people don’t have to waste time travelling back and forth whenever they want to work out. All they need is their PC or mobile phone to access online classes and start exercising. Moreover, right after they are done, they don’t need to change clothes so that they could get home. Therefore, plenty of time can be saved if you choose an online gym which can be crucial for some people when deciding on a new physical activity.

Ideal For People Who Want To Work Out In Peace And Quiet

Some people take the time that they spend at the gym very seriously. But gyms can be loaded with many people who constantly buzz around, take mirror-selfies, or take too long to finish their turn with a piece of gym equipment that you need. However, these types of problems can’t be experienced if you are working out from the comfort of your home. You are the one who is in control of everything that happens within your home and there will be no one to bother you during your workout session.

They Can Require At-Home Equipment 

On the other hand, there are some bad sides to online gyms. Even though almost anyone can get a laptop or a smartphone to access the online gym class, not all gym enthusiasts can have all the gym equipment that they need at home.

Some people can find that getting all the necessary gym equipment isn’t very budget-friendly. Others will experience a lack of space. In any case, this can present an issue for the future of online gyms. 

Of course, there are some online gyms that offer workout sessions that require very little equipment. But, serious gym-goers will need this equipment so they can achieve their fitness goals. 

Additionally, many people think that online gyms are yet to take their true form. It seems that in the future we might even witness the birth of VR gyms. But, it’s yet to be seen how the gym industry will solve the issue of the needed at-home equipment. In any case, they will need to find a new solution to keep the future gym goes interested in the concept of online gyms. 

Exercise at Home: The Best Apps and Websites

Because of COVID-19, many of us are stuck inside and without access to gyms. However, we should still work out in order to stay healthy. Several apps and websites are available to help you find the perfect exercise for you – either for free or with a small subscription fee. As a result, you won’t have to buy expensive equipment if you cannot afford it or have no space. Who says that you cannot stay active, healthy and fit from the comfort of your home?


Hundreds of free fitness videos promise to reduce stress, increase fitness, and feel good. On the FitOn app, there are full workouts such as HIIT and strength training. There’s a full list of kid-friendly workouts, cardio, strength, yoga, etc. Get fit, lose weight and sweat with free home exercise videos, personalized fitness plans, and guided meditations. You can choose to exercise at home, outdoors, or in the gym with these workouts. Read advice articles on how to stay mentally and physically healthy from celebrities like Jeanette Jenkins, Kenta Seki or Cassey Ho.

Daily Burn

With Daily Burn, you can pick the workouts you want to do based on answers to a short survey when you sign up for the live streaming workouts. Daily Burn provides a wide range of workout videos that help users meet their strength and weight goals. Each workout video includes nutritional information, as well. For a limited time, Daily Burn is offering a free 60-day trial to new members. With their subscription-based fitness program, they can stream workouts directly to your device. Exercise options include pilates, barre, kickboxing, HIIT training as well as yoga. Each workout has a different level of difficulty, duration, and equipment requirements.


This is your chance to see what really happens in a CrossFit class for free, regardless of whether you are a dedicated member of a box or not. The CrossFit website offers free workouts that can be done at home without any fancy equipment. The foundation of CrossFit’s nutritional guidelines will be taught in this premium online course. Users will have a chance to improve their performance, achieve life-changing results, and increase wellness by using nutrition. There are a variety of CrossFit courses and certifications available for trainers and individuals looking to improve their health and fitness.


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